Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yoakum Texas State Bank 1913 Old Antique Vintage TX Postcard

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I have published several articles on the popularity of National Banks on post cards so today I want to highlight a state bank. State banks were chartered and regulated by the individual states while National banks were federally controlled. The post card below is a 1913 Curt Teich postcard showing the Yoakum State Bank in Yoakum Texas. Yoakum began in 1835 and served as gathering point for cattle to be driven up the Chisholm Trail. The town didn't really take off until the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway arrived in 1887 and railroad shops were built in 1888 which provided good jobs for hundreds of people. The town was incorporated in 1889 and had grown to 3,000 people by 1896 and 7,500 by 1914 which would explain the need for the Yoakum State Bank. The information at the top of the building identifies this as the Green & Welhausen Building and I believe the construction date is 1912. Note to postcard collectors. As I have mentioned before, a postmark is only good for establishing that a postcard's production date is NOT LATER THAN the postmark. Since this is a Curt Teich postcard, it has a production number on the back, #39928. We know from the Curt Teich archives that the post card was actually produced in 1913 and the postmark is 1944, 31 years later. It must have been a slow seller or they ordered way too many.

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