Sunday, February 1, 2009

New York City Upper West Side Old Antique Vintage Postcards

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Arcadia Publishing will release their latest book in the Postcard History Series on 2 Feb 2009 which features the old vintage postcards of the Upper West Side of New York City New York. This great book by Michael V. Susi has over 200 vintage postcards shown full size with extensive information of the view shown on each postcard. Michael is not stranger to the area having lived there for many years and he graduated from Columbia College. Each north-south avenue of the Upper West Side is featured in its own chapter, from Central Park West to Riverside Drive including Broadway, West End Avenue, Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue. One thing I really like about the descriptions is they tell you which buildings or area are still there or tell you what they were replaced with. This is a well done book that showcases a stunning postcard collection and reveals the author's knowledge and love for the area.

This book will be available on 2 February 2009 at area bookstores, independent retailers, online retailers or from Arcadia Publishing, who have already published over 500 titles in the Postcard History Series. The three postcards below will give you an idea of the range of subject matter you can find in this remarkable collection. This is "The Ansonia", a combination apartment and hotel, which "was a haven for theatrical personalities, opera singers, composers, musicians, writers and sports legends".

The next view is a great view of fruiterer T. Martin and Company at 534 Columbus Avenue off West 86th Street which specialized in steamer baskets which were delivered to steamship passengers prior to their voyage.

The final view is a great interior view of Baltzley's Pharmacy which rented space to the post office for a neighborhood drop-off station for the local branch. "This made it lucrative for Baltzley to publish and sell postcards." And speaking of postcards, Arcadia also has published a set of 15 great postcards with images from this book which are also available for sale.

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