Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Antique Vintage 1920s Postcards of Fort Clark Texas

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Military installations are a popular item because there are a ton of veterans out there that were stationed at these facilities. It probably wasn't a fun time but it was an important milestone in their lives and that generates demand for these post cards. There were a lot of WWII bases throughout the United States so today I want to highlight Fort Clark in Texas. Fort Clark was founded in 1852 along with the town of Bracketville and Fort Clark was home to the famous Buffalo Soldiers for many years. The fort remained a cavalry post and almost every U. S. Army cavalry unit was stationed there or trained there. In 1943 the Second Cavalry was activated and was the last horse mounted unit as units were mechanized. This change brought about the closure of Fort Clark in 1946 even though it was used as a German prisoner of war camp until the end of the war in 1945. The three Albertype post cards shown here and produced for Nipper Drug Company are circa 1920 and can be found in my Texas listings along with 10,000 additional postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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