Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old Antique Vintage 1907 Postcards Amarillo & El Paso Texas Elks Home

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Collecting postcards is all about connecting to the past and exploring places where you or family members have lived, worked or played in years gone by. I have always touted swimming pool postcards because that is where I spent the most time and had the most fun so I like to compare them with my home town pool. Another popular topic is the local Elks Club Home which were in most larger towns and had a very large membership throughout the United States. These Elks Homes were a popular postcard subject and are widely collected today by locals and Elk club members. The first post card is a 1909 Curt Teich printed postcard published by Fred Harvey and shows the Elks Home in Amarillo Texas.

The second view is a 1907 Paul C. Kober postcard that shows the El Paso Elks Home. Both of these post cards can be found in my Texas listings along with 10,000 additional postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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