Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kingsville Texas Old Antique Vintage Post Cards 1909 & 1929

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Kingsville Texas is the destination of choice today with two post cards on educational institutions. Kingsville is the county seat of Kleberg County, has a population of 25,575 as of the 2000 census and is located in the center of the world famous King Ranch. Henrietta King inherited the ranch from her husband, Captain Richard King, and donated the land for the original townsite. The family later made a fortune on oil and gas and Mrs. King was a major driver in Kingsville's success over the years. She also donated land for the Catholic, Baptist and Episcopal churches as well as what is now Texas A&M University Kingsville. The town is located near the gulf coast and southern tip of Texas. The first postcard is a circa 1909 view of the High School in Kingsville TX which has a distinctive mission appearance, I believe the date on the top of the building is 1909, and it also has "Henrietta M King School" over the entrance.

Our second postcard is a 1929 Curteich view of the Texas College of Arts and Industries in Kingsville which was previously the Texas State Teachers College. The teachers college was chartered in 1917 but didn't open until 1925 due to WWI. As it expanded, it changed its name in 1929 to The Texas College of Arts and Industries as shown on this postcard. In 1967, it became Texas A&I University, became a memeber of the Texas A&M University system in 1989 and formally changed its name to Texas A&M-Kingsville in 1993. Post cards of schools and colleges are very popular and many people began collecting these images of their personal past and this is one of the many portals into the world of postcard collecting. Join us!! Both of these postcards are available in my Texas listings along with over 10,000 additional post cards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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