Friday, August 29, 2008

Cody Wyoming Old Antique Vintage 1908 Postcards

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Today we are visiting circa 1908 Wyoming with the first stop in Cheyenne at the First National Bank. While the building is impressive, the surrounding businesses are not that impressive. To the far right is a half completed small building and to the far left is a sign for the Livery stable. The corner building appears to be empty on the street level but the 4 story building behind it has a fancy marble column entrance which I assume is the location of the bank. This is a circa 1908 Pacific Novelty Company post card.

The second postcard view is near Cody Wyoming at the De Marris Hot Springs. Cody is just outside Yellowstone Park so this hot spring is probably heated just like the hot springs and geysers in the park. This one is next to the river which gives both hot and cold water and you can move between the two and get temperature that is just right for you. We use to do this in Yellowstone when I worked there many years ago but the park rangers frowned on this practice that we called "hot potting" so it was strictly a night time adventure. This view shows two ladies in the water with two more ladies and three children waiting their turn. I suspect the man in the suit is Mr. De Marris and is there to assure proper payment is received. The building is the bath house with a "sign" on the top and another on the door. These postcards can be found in my Wyoming listings along with an additional 10,000 old antique postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.Catch postcard fever and expand your horizons, tickle your grey matter or just see what your home town looked like 50 or 100 years ago. It is lots of fun, educational and very habit forming. Want more? Go to my website link above or scroll back through the hundreds of old antique vintage postcards on this blog. ENJOY!!

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