Sunday, December 14, 2008

Old Antique Vintage Postcard Selma Alabama Circa 1908

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Selma Alabama is our destination today with an unusual view of downtown along Broad Street on a circa 1908 postcard. I say it is an unusual view because there just aren't many people around and this is a major intersection in downtown. Notice the extra wide Broad Street as well as the extra wide sidewalk in the foreground. I can see only eleven people, two horse and buggies and the shadows are not very long so I suspect this picture was taken on a Sunday. The streetcar or trolley on the left has "Selma Street" on the side of it and the other two trolleys have numbers on the side. The tall building behind the trolley on the right is the YMCA. I always enjoy using a 5 power magnifying glass on printed post cards to find interesting facts about the scene and the people and buildings in it and I use the 10 power glass on real photos. Half the fun is finding something interesting in the image that you didn't see when you acquired the postcard. There was one postcard photographer in the 1940s and 1950s that use to always include his "woodie" station wagon in his pictures. This postcard is available in my Alabama listings along with 10,000 additional postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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