Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Antique Vintage Postcards of Michigan Bank Interiors

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Most post cards of buildings show the exterior so the ones that take you inside are of great interest to postcard collectors. The first old antique post card below was mailed in 1911 and shows the interior of the New Exchange Bank in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. It shows two enclosed teller windows on the right and a drinking fountain on the left built into the marble wall. Mt. Pleasant was a town of 3,972 people at this time which would explain the modest size of the bank.

The second vintage postcard was printed in 1923 by Curt Teich Co. and shows the much larger main banking room of the Grand Rapids National Bank in Grand Rapids Michigan. There are at least 9 teller windows visible, a down stairway in the right foreground and even the ceiling appears to be covered in marble. Both of these old postcards are available in my Michigan listings along with 10,000 additional post cards on my website Moody's Postcards. CATCH POSTCARD FEVER!! A postcard image is worth at least a thousand words.


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