Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fireman Parade Day Muscatine Iowa

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We all run across postcards that beg more questions about what, where or when so today I want to show an example of one that answers where and when but not the "what is it" question. The back of the post card is a divided back postmarked 25 Oct 1907 so we know the image is prior to that date. The front of the postcard tells us it is a street scene in Muscatine Iowa and we can tell it is a parade of some sort with the participants all in a uniform that is not military. Each row of marchers in the foreground are holding on to a rope and this leaves us to guess what the occasion is.

I have an advantage since I have a similar post card which not only tells us what the occasion is but also helps to narrow down the approximate date of the parade. If you compare the postcard below, you will see the same people and same flag placements even though a different part of the parade is shown. This Curt Teich undivided back postcard is postmarked November 1906 and provides more information which tells us that it is a Firemen's parade and we are looking at East Second Street. Now we know "what" the parade is and we are a year closer to the actual date. Both of the postcards and 10,000 more can be found in my Iowa listings on my website at Moody's Postcards.

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