Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1915 Business in Perry Iowa Part 2

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My last post covered the C. D. Marckres & Company, a lumber and coal merchant in Perry Iowa and today I want to highlight the Perry Packing Company which produced Iowa Brand Evaporated Milk in Perry Iowa. The back of this 1915 Curteich, or Curt Teich, post card has printed on it: "Iowa Brand Evaporated Milk, Eight per cent and Full Skimmed Condensed Milk. Homogenized Cream, Sweet Cream and Pasteurized Milk. Iowa Milk for Iowa People. Perry Packing Company. Perry, Iowa."

In front of the building, there are two horse drawn wagons with 5 gallon milk cans loaded on them and then there is the same automobile, added to this scene by the publisher, that was added to the previous postcard discussed except this time they painted it red. These two companies show the town had a very vibrant economy even though the population was 4,630 in the 1910 census. These postcards can be found in my Iowa listings along with 10,000 more post cards on my website at Moody's Postcards.

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