Thursday, April 17, 2008

Postcards on Philadelphia Neighborhoods

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I have just finished one of the newest of Arcadia Publishing's books, "Philadelphia Neighborhoods", by Gus Spector. This is one of latest in Arcadia's "Postcard History Series" which features early local history of specific areas through postcard images with detailed descriptions by the author of each postcard. And Gus Spencer knows Philadelphia since he was born and raised in South Philadelphia and graduated from South Philadelphia High School and Temple University. This is his third book on Philadelphia and this one concentrates on the city of homes and neighborhoods. There are over 200 postcards shown in near full size and most of them are real photo postcards so the detail is great. This is life as it was in the early 1900s in this city when many of the homes, apartments, row houses and businesses were new. Each neighborhood is covered in its own chapter and Gus's narrative defines the neighborhood and reveals the unique aspects that bound that area together. Great photos, great narrative and a quality book for only $19.95 which is scheduled for release 21 April 2008. Available at area bookstores, independent and on line retailers or through Arcadia publishing's website.

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