Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bird's Eye View of Harlan Kentucky

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Every once in a while a post card will really grab my attention and imagination and that is true today. I just sold this postcard today and when I was packing it up I remembered how much it caught my attention when I listed it. Harlan Kentucky had a population of 375 in 1910, grew to 2,647 in 1930 and is now about 2,100. When I looked at this view, I thought "What a beautiful peaceful view of a small town nestled in the hills of rural Kentucky". I wondered if it had ever been flooded since it had grown to the river's edge and what it would look like today, 86 years after this postcard was printed. After all, their slogan was "Ain't what it's going to be". I grew up in a small town in the middle of Texas and have loved small towns all of my life. I hope you enjoy this great view as much as I did. There are lots of similar postcards on my website at Moody's Postcards.

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