Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lutheran Indian Mission Rocky Boy MT Montana Old Antique Vintage Postcard

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First impressions are very important and that applies to shopping for postcards too. I want to show you a post card I would probably pass over if I was looking at a large group of postcards at a postcard show and was pressed for time. This is an unused 1941 Curt Teich linen postcard with a few small buildings on the side of a hill and no title on the front. The printed description on the back however would make me put it in my "buy" stack if the price was reasonable. The back description is "Lutheran Indian Mission, Rocky Boy Montana. Began 1920. Set aside as a Government Reservation in 1916 for the Rocky Boy's band of Cree and Chippewa Indians. Famed for its bead work." Indian reservations and schools are very collectible and popular so be sure to consider them anytime you have an opportunity to purchase. If you look closely at the image, the building on the right is probably the church since it has a cross on top of it. The white building near the center is probably the school or it could be a dormitory and there is a tee pee just to the left of it. The building at the far left is most likely the home of the Lutherans running the camp. Keep your eyes open and don't get in a big hurry and miss a good postcard. This postcard is available in my Montana listings along with 10,000 additional postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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