Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top Seven Reasons You Should Collect Old Antique Vintage Postcards

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Everyone needs a hobby to escape the increasingly fast pace and mounting pressure of today’s world. You simply must take time to do something relaxing that will give you an escape from your job, problems, the TV and especially that cell phone or Blackberry. Vintage postcards can provide the perfect relief valve from life’s pressure cooker and improve your health and peace of mind. Here are 7 reasons you should collect old antique postcards.

#1 Over the years I have been a collector of many things beginning with coins and moving on to stamps, guns, arrowheads, toy guns, broken bank notes, Confederate bank notes, national currency, duck prints, furniture, bears, bottles, sports cards, autographs and even 1.2 million pre prohibition whiskey labels. They were fun for a while but just didn’t have the diversity, availability, affordability, history and attraction that postcards do. Now they are all gone, except the whiskey labels that I don’t know what to do with. Today, I only have postcards.

#2 Diversity! I honestly believe that you can find a postcard on any subject you wish to collect. I have looked at millions of postcards and believe me; whatever you want is out there.

#3 Availability! According to the International Postal Union, over 140 BILLION postcards were mailed from 1907 through 1919 and millions more were bought and collected but not mailed. In the early 1900s, the New York City post office would handle up to 30,000 postcards a day and in 1909, Americans alone bought over 1 BILLION postcards.

#4 Affordability! Postcards can be bought for pennies to thousands of dollars with the vast majority in the under $10 range with more closer to a dollar than $10.

#5 History! In the early 1900s, there were clubs for exchanging postcards by mail and collections were put in albums and proudly displayed in the parlor for guests. They were also used to teach children about far away places and show them animals, birds, ships, Indians, presidents, disasters, maps and state capitols they never had a chance to see.

#6 You Decide! I started with early Yellowstone postcards because I worked there during the summers of 1959-1962 and I wanted to see what it looked like in the early days. But, once you start looking at postcards, you will see something else you like such as bear postcards. Then fantasy postcards with frogs having breakfast in bed or four beetles toasting wine glasses at a picnic or a rabbit dancing with a chicken while a band of chickens play instruments on an Easter card. I like postcards that make me smile and there are tons of them out there like the ones below. Those smiles will make you forget your problems!

#7 Your Roots! Postcards of the town where you grew up, the hospital where you were born, your elementary or high school, the city swimming pool, the town where you parents grew up, or Ellis Island where your grand parents arrived from Europe will take you back to a different and simpler time. Remember, you are what you were then. These postcards are called “views” and they are windows to your past and a perfect gift for the genealogy buffs.

Now turn that TV and cell phone off and get on the computer and see what is available out there by checking out over 10,000 old antique vintage postcards on my website Moody’s Postcards AND read more about postcards on Moody’s Postcards blog. CATCH POSTCARD FEVER!! The only thing you will regret is not starting earlier.

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