Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cody Wyoming Bridge 1907

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Today's postcard is what I call a "busy" postcard because there is a lot going on in this one image simply labeled "Cody Bridge". At first glance it seems pretty straight forward but a close examination reveals a significant amount of activity. At the very bottom are three freight wagons without horses and a hitching post with a least 3 horses tied up. Also near the bottom on the road is a freight wagon pulled by four horses which appears to have another wagon attached behind it. To the right in the trees is another wagon and a single horse tied to a tree. In the road before the bridge, there is a person on a horse talking to two people standing in the road and there are at least three horseback riders on the bridge. Across the Shoshone river, there is a building on the left but the main road turns right, then left and then back to the right going up the hillside and there are two wagons starting up the hill. At the top, there are at least 6 buildings visible which I assume are part of the town of Cody. My reason for pointing out all of this detail is to encourage you to use a magnifying glass of 5 to 10 power to examine your postcards and try to figure out what is there and what is going on. That is part of the fun of postcards. You can find this postcard in my Wyoming listings along with 10,000 more postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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