Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Callahan County Bastille in Baird Texas 1915

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Baird Texas was established in 1880 when the Texas & Pacific Railway came through and established a division point on the railroad with a depot,roundhouse and repair shops and replaced Belle Plain as the county seat in 1883. The post office, established in 1881 as Vickery, was renamed Baird in 1883 and the town was incorporated in 1889. The population was 1,502 in 1904 and peaked at 3,000 in 1920, declined to 1,810 in 1941 and has remained fairly steady since then with the 2000 census showing 1,623. I should mention that I was born and raised just 40 miles south of here in Coleman Texas and I am proud to say I have never been in the subject of today's postcard, the Callahan County Bastille in Baird Texas. This is a circa 1915 view of the jail and has two men and two women standing on the front porch. You can find this post card in my Texas listings along with 10,000 additional postcards on my website Moody's Postcards.

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