Monday, July 2, 2007

Interior Views of Jewelry Stores on Postcards

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The postcards of the day are two exceptional interior views of a jewelry stores which provide an amazingly detailed view of the store fixtures which provided an exceptional display of the merchandise.
The first store is the O. C. Cobb Jewelry Store in Iowa Falls Iowa as it appeared in 1915. On the counters and in the display cases are Tiffany style lamps and in the left foreground are rows of gold pocket watches neatly displayed. Large silver bowls, picture frames and other fine dining pieces fill the display cabinets along the walls.
The second postcard shows the interior of the C. A. Schnack Jewelry Company at 924 Third Street in Alexandria Louisiana as it appeared in 1931. Fresh flowers and lamps are plentiful on the top of the counters and the case in the center foreground is filled with ladies rings. There is a fancy balcony in the rear of the store and the printed message on the back boasts "Schnack's is Alexandria's oldest retail store of any description, having served Alexandria for more than three quarters of a century.
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