Friday, March 9, 2007

How old is my postcard? Part 6 The Divided Back Era

Welcome to Moody's Postcards, your source for vintage, collectible postcards! My name is Richard Moody and I started the company in 1986 and we have been accumulating "old" (otherwise known as "vintage collectible") postcards for twenty years. We specialize in United States view postcards but we also have thousands of antique foreign views, topical postcards and trade cards. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide a superior selection of the collectible postcard you are searching for.

The fourth era is the Divided Back Era which is also referred to as "The Golden Age of Postcards" and ran from 1907 - 1915. It began on 1 March 1907 when the divided back was allowed on the postcard and America was late to this party as most of countries of the world had already adopted this format. During this period the image normally covered the entire card and, since the message could be written on the back, collector enthusiasm for postcards increased. Almost every home had a postcard album on the parlor table for the family and guests to view and see the wonders of the world. The Victorian age flourished in the US along with great optimism. Postcards were sold by the millions and clubs were formed throughout the US to exchange postcards with strangers from far away places. According to the International Postal Union, over 140 BILLION postcards were mailed from 1907 through 1919 and millions more were bought and collected but never mailed. This truly was the Golden Age of Postcards. Below are two examples from Moody's Postcards that illustrate two typical examples of postcards from this era. The first is a 1911 New Orleans Louisiana postcard showing the Mardi Gras Carnival crowd watching floats on Canal Street.

The second is a circa 1908 San Antonio Texas postcard showing the Mexican chili stands set up in the plaza next to the beautiful post office.