Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1908 Mexican food in San Antonio Texas

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I ran across this postcard yesterday when I was adding items to Moody's Postcards and was really impressed with the image. While San Antonio Texas has LOTS of different postcards, you should take your time and look through all the common ones for the diamonds in the rough that are overlooked by many. The postcard title, "Mexican Chili Stands" is the tip off that this one is different. In the background is the huge beautiful post office and on the right is an advertisement for " 'Lion Brand' collars, They are 4 ply. 15 cents-two for 25 cents". Below that is a delivery wagon with a sign on the side that says "Henry C. Rips, Moving Packing Shipping,Vacuum Carpet Cleaning". But best of all in the center foreground are the Mexican chili stands, benches and eating tables set with white table cloths, glasses turned upside down, and large candle lamps (7 on the first table) for light during the night. Behind each of the 3 large "U" shaped tables is a vendor with a table on 2 saw horses where the food is prepared. The printed description on the back says "For the sake of olden times the Mexicans are still allowed to set up their tables and camp stoves on the Plazas and serve their native dishes in the open air; Chili Con Carne, Tamales, Enchiladas, Chili Verde, Frijoles and Tortillas, etc. As the day dawns and the lamps show dimmer, these hotel keepers put out their fires and folding their tables 'silently steal away' until another night." This postcard is listed in TEXAS section of Moody's Postcards.

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