Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early 1900s City Hall Buildings

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After looking at some early Post Office postcards I have decided to show you some early City Hall postcards. The first is a circa 1906 view of the City Hall in Monrovia California and this one was built to last. Made of large grey stones with beautiful arches around doors and windows it also has columns on the corners and supporting the dormer on the front. The second man from the right in front of the building is a sheriff or policeman and just behind the horse and buggy is a hand truck. This postcard is available in my California listings on my website, Moody's Postcards.

The second City Hall is in Coral Gables Florida on this 1920s postcard and has an unusual and impressive rounded front with columns. Located at Le Jeune Road and Coral Way, it has a much lighter and appealing appearance than the more austere Monrovia building. This postcard is available in the Florida listings on Moody's Postcards.

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