Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Four Railroad Depot in Terre Haute Indiana

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The postcard of the day is a circa 1912 view of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (The Big Four) beautiful and unusual railroad depot. The depot is a combination of stone and brick with a massive turret and that white spot in the window at the base of the turret appears to be a ticket seller talking to a customer. A bonus with this track side view is an engine taking on water and a man with a white flag at the edge of the railroad crossing to direct traffic. This postcard is available in theIndiana Postcards section of Moody's Postcard website.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the wonderful memories of watching Foster L. Newton in the "Round House", or occasionally handing off instruction notes to an approaching train via the Y-stick! It was truly an historic, beautifully designed and well-built structure. . .yet was destroyed by its towns people in recent years.