Saturday, February 24, 2007

Postcards that make you smile

Welcome to Moody's Postcards, your source for vintage, collectible postcards! My name is Richard Moody and I started the company in 1986 and we have been accumulating "old" (otherwise known as "vintage collectible") postcards for twenty years. We specialize in United States view postcards but we also have thousands of antique foreign views, topical postcards and trade cards. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide a superior selection of the collectible postcard you are searching for.

One of the great attractions of postcards is the variety of subjects that are available which make it possible to find something that will please just about anybody. If you look at the postcards I use on the different topic category pages on Moody's Postcards, you will quickly see what I am talking about and I have just begun to add the topics. I like the postcards that make you smile when you see them and the one in my logo above fits into that category. There is a series of these breakfast in bed postcards and each card has a different set of animals in the bed. I chose the frogs because of their expressions which make me smile every time I see them and I have received a lot of nice comments on them.

Another great card is the one atop the "CATS" category on the website which is from the "Humorous Cats" series and also shown here. The words between the two cats says: "He loves me! He loves me not! He loves me!" Both of these postcards are considered "Fantasy" postcards since animals are doing human like things but I would have them listed under "Frogs" and "Cats" since, to me, that is the dominant theme of the postcard. I will discuss that in more detail in a future blog but I wanted my first post to be something that would hopefully bring a smile to you when you read this. Enjoy and look for a lot of smiles in this great hobby of postcard collecting. Richard